To build one’s confidence and ability to create change.

Leadership Competency

Interpersonal skills and positive behaviors that contribute to effective leadership performance.

Group structure

The layout of the group
(roles, conformity, group dynamics etc.)

Participatory competency

The ability to engage actively and effectively within a group or social network.

Group Climate

the tone, quality, and cohesiveness of group interaction.

Emotional Empowerment

being able to stay centered and grounded, regardless of what is happening around you and outside of you.



The guidance and support of an individual over 18.

Collective participation

To participate as a group.

Individual Change

to become different in one’s thinking, behavior and/or attitude

Community Change

Shifting the attitude, perception, and readiness to improve policies, practices and conditions that negatively impact communities.

Group Change

Changes in group membership, structure, or identity.


The end result of an action, situation, or event.


To unify or stick together
(tightly knitted).

Cognitive Empowerment

To build and strengthen one’s thinking process and growth mindset.


The ability to recover or bounce back quickly from difficulties.

Critical awareness

An active, continuous, and conscientious consideration of a belief or form of knowledge.


The ability to produce an intended result.

Behavioral empowerment

To support and strengthen individuals in adopting new behaviors that advance their dreams and goals and those of their organization.

Civic engagement

A person or group actions designed to identify and address issues of public concern.


the behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs that adults are smarter than young people and should control the process