Youth Lead Programs (YLP) are instrumental in empowering the young generation by enhancing their knowledge and skills. It also makes them influential in the political and social systems. Our team spearheaded the formation of a few strategic adaptations to make the process more efficient and streamline.


The Youth Empowerment Conceptual Framework (YECF) and the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) help the adult allies to evaluate the outcome of each program and tweak them for the desired results at the individual, group and community levels.  The meticulous planning process during the implementation of the evidence-based prevention strategies transforms the youth to a mature leader, who acts as a catalyst for community change.  



We aim to improve the roles of youth in social engineering and the policy-making process. Our specially designed procedures, tools and empowerment programs help them to be more resourceful and competent in various decision-making processes.


We try to bring the very best out of our youth. The adult allies, or the activities, are only meant to encourage them to speak their mind and voice their ideas. We know that some navigational guidelines are the only requirements for the dynamic and vibrant youth to usher in significant change in all areas of life.