Adult Allies

The Ohio Adult Allies is a diverse network of adults who are committed to facilitating and advancing the work of youth-led programs. Adult allies work alongside young people and guide them through a planning process to create and implement a strategic plan that uses evidence-based strategies to create community-level change and build healthier communities. In order to accomplish this, adult allies engage young people in a community-based process in which youth:

  1. Determine a problem of practice by examining local and state data on issues concerning Ohio youth

  2. Identify the root causes of their problem of practice

  3. Select and implement evidence-based strategies to address those root causes

By engaging in this process, young people develop a critical awareness of their social environment and build the skills needed to be creative and active problem-solvers. Young people involved in youth-led programs contribute as active members of their communities who seek to affect community-level change and build 21st Century skills including critical and creative thinking, flexibility, and leadership.