Preparing for Change

Welcome! Adult allies play an important role in empowering youth in creating community change through youth-led programs (YLP). Adult allies seek to achieve this change through involving youth in both the planning and development of initiatives, programs, and policies. The guidance and support of adult allies are critical to this work. Adult-guided environments are structured, supportive and provide space for youth-directed conversations and collaboration as youth discuss topics that are important to them as part of a larger community.


Are you ready to start a YLP? To support those interested in initiating and sustaining YLP programs, we created a series of resources that can be used for those preparing to start a YLP. Watch this short introductory video to see how these resources can support YLP in your community.

Introductory Video

How do adult allies create an environment for young people to lead community change?

The Youth-Led Program Readiness Assessment is a tool designed to help individuals assess their readiness to start a youth-led program.

The Adult Ally Tip Sheet, coupled with the YLP Readiness Assessment, provides individuals with both benefits and characteristics of effective adult allies. Do YOU have the characteristics of an effective adult ally?


This short explainer video shows how YLP translates youth voice into youth action by empowering young people to impact their community through their involvement in both planning and development. How can YOU use this information to empower youth to create change in YOUR community?

Are YOU Ready to Start a Youth-Led Program?

Briefing Papers and Resources 

These briefing papers provide readers with how YLP are conceptualized, the theories that inform effective YLPs, and the role adult allies play in the process. How do YOU plan to use these papers to inform YOUR role in YLP?


Want to hear more about empowering young people from adult allies in the field? These podcasts provide listeners with first-hand experiences in empowering young people through YLP. How do YOU plan to use this these podcasts in YOUR journey to empower young people?

Voices from the Field: How Adult Allies Are Using These Resources