Ohio Adult Allies Website Overview 

This is a detailed guide to help you navigate through the Ohio Adult Allies website.  Please be sure to review the website in the following order:

What We Do

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Ohio Adult Allies facilitate youth-led programs. These programs are designed to empower young people to promote change in their communities that contribute to building healthier, safer, and more resilient communities throughout Ohio. Youth are provided spaces to develop critical learning, innovation, life, and career skills.


Review the following in this order:

  1. The Clark, Green, Madison Regional Youth Summit Video

  2. Southwest Ohio’s Regional Youth Summit Video

  3. The OYLPN Youth Council: Establishing Statewide Priorities Video

  4. OYLPN's Youth Council Strategic Plan Video

  5. OYLPN Strategic Plan Map

Then Do This:

Why We Do It

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The voice of the youth can be powerful, and Youth are leading the way for positive community change. Youth-led programs equip young people with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to impact their community while providing a platform for the youth voice to be heard creating opportunities for inclusion in the planning and development of initiatives, programs, and policies. Youth are encouraged to evaluate their surroundings, gather information, and then address community topics/issues that are relevant to their lives.

Review the following in this order:

  1. Introductory Video

  2. Value of Youth Led Program Video

  3. Value of Youth Led Program Briefing Paper

  4.  Infographic

  5. Ohio Adult Allies Podcast

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Holden Model

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These 3 videos provide an overview of the core components of the Youth Empowerment Conceptual Framework (YECF). It gives an in-depth explanation of the ecological context, adult involvement, and group structure as well as, provide analogical examples to help adult allies further understand this conceptual framework.

Review the following in this order:

  1. Youth Empowerment Theory

  2. Group Empowerment

  3. Individual Empowerment

Then Do This:

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This briefing paper provides a more in-depth understanding of how and why Youth-Led Programs are an asset to the community. The foundation of Youth-Led Programs is to engage youth in collective activities and experiences and enhance their ability to address local issues. Youth-led programs promotes the development of youth’s knowledge, skills, and attitudes so that they can be catalysts for positive change within their communities. In short, youth are empowered to create community change.

  • Handouts:


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Youth Led Program briefing paper

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This briefing paper provides and in-depth understanding of youth empowerment. Because Youth-led programs focus is on positive youth development, Adult Allies use the theory of youth empowerment to guide the youth in their community change efforts. With emphasizes on collective participation and contribution, youth are able to gain skills and competencies that cultivate positive development for self and others

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Youth Empowerment briefing paper

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This article presents a conceptual framework designed to develop youth-led, youth-directed initiatives within local communities. This framework was used to guide a national evaluation of the American Legacy Foundation’s (Legacy) Statewide Youth Movement Against Tobacco Use (SYMATU) program. The approach extends the traditional individual-focused strategies. It encompassed coordinated, multicomponent interventions that aim to promote community-level change towards attitudes, norms, and behaviors against tobacco use by altering the surrounding social and physical environment. Insert references to research that speaks to empowerment of youth of various cultural backgrounds.

Then Do This:

Conceptualizing Youth Empowerment within Tobacco Control briefing paper

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Technical Assistance