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In 2016, the Ohio Youth-Led Prevention Network (OYLPN) Youth Council engaged in a strategic planning process to determine a problem of practice, identify what was contributing to the identified problem, and select strategies to implement. This video documents young people’s experiences with the process.

OYLPN's Youth Council Strategic Plan

Ohio Adult Allies facilitate youth-led programs. Youth-led programs are designed to empower young people to affect change in their communities and provide spaces for Ohio youth to develop critical learning, innovation, life, and career skills. By engaging in this process, youth contribute to building healthier, safer, and more resilient communities throughout Ohio.

Youth-led programs are community-based processes where young people:

  1. Determine a problem of practice by examining local and state data on issues concerning Ohio youth.

  2. Identify the root causes of their problem of practice

  3. Select and implement evidence-based strategies to address those root causes

Abstract: In youth-led programs, young people collectively engage in a data-driven planning process to create and implement a strategic plan that uses evidence-based strategies to create community-level change. This briefing paper provides an overview of the two frameworks that inform youth-led programs: the Youth Empowerment Conceptual Framework (YECF; Holden et al., 2004) and the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF; SAMHSA). To learn more CLICK HERE

Youth-Led Programs in Action

The OYLPN Youth Council: Establishing
Statewide Priorities

In Summer 2017, OYLPN Youth Council reviewed statewide behavioral health data to identify priority areas for youth-led programs in Ohio. Through this approach, OYLPN Youth Council seeks to affect statewide change by unifying the efforts of youth-led programs across Ohio.

The Clark, Green, Madison Regional
Youth Summit

In Fall 2017, young people from Clark, Greene, and Madison Counties came together to determine what the priority issue should be for their region based on the statewide priorities identified by the OYLPN Youth Council.

This completed Strategic Plan Map from OYLPN’s Youth Council is an example of how young people document their community-level change efforts.

Southwest Ohio’s Regional Youth Summit

This video provides an overview of the fun and work that occurred at Southwest Ohio’s 2019 Regional Youth Summit.

In order to support Ohio Adult Allies and the youth they work with, various training

opportunities are offered for individuals of all experience levels.

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