Introduction to the Youth Empowerment Conceptual Framework

The Youth Empowerment Conceptual Framework (YECF) is one of the frameworks that informs the work of youth-led programs in Ohio. The article below provides a thorough overview of the YECF. A handout of the framework is also available.

The following resource is a briefing paper explaining the core construct of the YECF, youth empowerment. Adult allies use the theory of youth empowerment to guide young people in their community change efforts.

In this video, Dr. Holly Raffle provides a brief overview of the core components of the YECF (i.e. ecological context, adult involvement, group structure) and presents an analogy to help adult allies further understand this conceptual framework.

The Holden Model

Youth Empowerment Theory

In this video, Dr. Jessica Collura explains the definition of “empowerment” and the importance of a well-established group structure and climate.


Group Empowerment

In this video, Dr. Jessica presents the qualities of an empowered youth and explains the three types of individual empowerment: Emotional,Cognitive, and Behavioral Empowerment.


Individual Empowerment

Please download this note-taking form to use while you watch the empowerment videos posted on this page.